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London to Athens daily from Gatwick, Heathrow and other airports and also to Thessoloniki.
From other countries, please check with your local travel agent or websites for individual airlines. Some flights go to Volos and can connect to Athens or by public transport to the Port of Kymi on Evia where the boat sails for Skyros. See more information on this below.


Athens to Skyros

Sky Express ( Thessoloniki to Skyros) .

A scheduled service on Aegean Airlines is now operating from ATHENS to Skyros....only 35 minutes as its a JET. During Summer months (usually lst April to end October) it is 3 times a week and during Winter twice a week.  See their website for times and days of operation....there are sometimes seats as cheap as 39 euros plus tax...

If you are coming from your place of origin and don't arrive until p.m.,  you might have to overnight in Athens.. there are a couple of Hotels near the airport... one is a walk across the road from the airport and the other operates a shuttle bus.  We are happy to give you information upon request.   Likewise, if you need to overnight in Kymi, we can give you information on reasonable hotels.

Usually, going in reverse, there are good flight connections from Athens or Thessoloniki so no overnight is necessary.

There is public transport from the airport to Skyros village, or we can book a taxi to collect you. This must be done in advance as there are only 8 taxis on the island!

The ferry leaves the Port of Kymi on Evia and sails directly to Linaria on Skyros.   This takes approximately one and three quarter hours. During the Summer months, there are ferries coming from Alonnisos and Skopelos, but all go via the port of Kymi.  We can give you ferry times or put
you in touch with the booking agents directly.

If you come into Athens airport, there is a public bus to Kymi from the bus station of Loision, which is about 20 minutes from the airport. You can get a taxi or there is a bus.  Alternatively, our local travel agent runs a mini bus service which will include the ferry fare and we can give you information about this. The public bus takes about 4.5 hours and drops you right by the boat where you can buy your ferry tickets.  However, if you are bringing a car during July and August, it is advisable to book in ADVANCE as the ferry can get busy.  We can give you details of how to do this.

There is also a possibility of a mini-bus service from Volos to Kymi and we can put you in touch with the operators for this.

[TAXIS] - it is possible to travel by taxi from Athens to Kymi and we have reliable drivers who can meet you at the airport and take you directly to the Port of Kymi. The cost is around 165 Euros including a 20 min drive on drive off ferry and the motorway tolls.  If there are 4 of you, then it is comparatively cheap and an easier, shorter journey - about 3 hours.


Arrival in Skyros

On arrival at Linaria Port on Skyros, we can also book a taxi for you to bring you to the village or straight to your accommodation.  There is a public bus which also comes to the village.

If you book a hire car in advance, they can usually meet you at the PORT or AIRPORT with the car and bring you to the village or your residence where the paperwork can be done. Let us know in advance and we can organise this for you.

A representative will meet you in the village square and walk with you to your accommodation if in the Chora. Other arrangements can be made if you are bringing your car or if the accommodation is outside of the village.

PLEASE NOTE - there are no cars allowed inside the main Chora itself, but there is ample parking outside the village.  Be prepared for a walk with your luggage.

We provide a WELCOME PACK on arrival... tea, coffee, sugar and a few items to start you off.

Linen and towels are provided, but please bring your own beach towels.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE that Skyros accommodation ranges from Skyrian traditional, modern Ikea, half in half and sometimes we get things that don't work!!!  There are some power cuts and water cuts, but not too often!  The Skyrians are hospitable and helpful, but cannot do the impossible. We aim to make things go as smoothly as possible and provide a MAP OF THE ISLAND and can make suggestions of places to visit or beaches to go. There are several tavernas, shops , places to explore. We have one bank and 3 cash points on the island... 2 in the village and one in the Port of Linaria. There are 2 pharmacies in the village, a small hospital, dentists and many sheep and goats! Skyros has a unique feeling and is not a package holiday destination.

More information on later pages in the website!


Skyros Traditional Art