The Skyrian Horse

The endangered Skyrian horse is one of the rarest horse breeds in the world.

They are indigenous in Greece, since antiquity. Nowadays there are 260 in Greece, most of them (187) are on Skyros Island.

They have a smart, friendly and social personality, ideal for children. Their body type is similar to larger horses, their average height is 116 cm, and their hooves are hard, with no need for horseshoes. Their color is usually brown, and rarely white or blond.

Even though they are usually mentioned as “Ponies”, their only similarities with the “pony” horse breed is their size. Their scientific name is ¨Equus Cabalus Skyros Poni¨ or ¨Equus Cabalus Skyriano¨ (which means “Skyrian Horse”), of the species ¨Equus Cabalus¨.

Source: The Skyrian Horse Society

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