George Lambrou Art Gallery

George Lambrou Art Gallery



George Lambrou was born in Skyros, in 1946. His talent of arts was evident throughout his childhood and he subsequently studied sculpture at the School of Fine Arts (1965-1969) with Giannis Pappas.

Αρχικά ασχολήθηκε με την ζωγραφική και το σχέδιο, και από το 1972 ασχολείται με την γλυπτική. Το υλικό των πρώιμων δημιουργιών του ήταν συνήθως το σύρμα, και μετέπειτα ο χαλκός.

He initially began with painting and drawing, but since 1972 his main focus was in sculpture. His earlier works were made mostly from coil, and his later creations were mostly made with bronze. 

His work has been displayed in single and group exhibitions, in Greece and abroad. George Lambrou has been distinguished with three prestigious sculpture awards.

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